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Short Easy Hike Colorado Elopement near Summit County | Katrina S. Joseph Photography

“We had an adventure elopement in Colorado, and we didn’t have to hike at all!”

Yep! You heard that right. Eloping in Colorado is for everyone, not just the couples that want to hike 5+ miles on their wedding day. And I’m absolutely stoked about it! Colorado is such a beautiful state, and it’s wonderful that more couples get to experience those gorgeous views and break free from traditional wedding venues. Part of my services as a Colorado elopement photographer is helping you find those perfect locations that fit the experience you’re looking for!

1. Look for easily accessible locations and/or overlooks

There are plenty of gorgeous, epic views all around Colorado that don’t require any hiking at all. You can drive up to many of these locations, only needing to take a short walk to find the perfect spots. Of course, the more accessible a location, the more likely you’ll run into other people on your elopement day. BUT! I’ve done lots of location scouting to find some great spots that are both easy to get to and usually not crowded at all (reach out to find out more!)

2. Consider remote locations accessible by 4×4 off-roading

Colorado is a phenomenal place to go off-roading! We have plenty of 4×4 trails leading to stunning, remote locations where you can elope. My favorite off-roading trails are in Breckenridge and southwest Colorado (Telluride area), but there are tons of good spots all over the state. If you aren’t comfortable doing the driving yourself, you can hire an off-road guide to help!

3. Have a relaxing AirBnB elopement

Nothing says relaxation like a cozy AirBnB with mountain views, a hot-tub, and all the amenities you need for a weekend getaway. You can make this a “just us” weekend or invite your family and friends to stay with you! If you want to have your ceremony and reception all at the AirBnB, that’s completely doable. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you can always venture to nearby spots for a bit of exploring.

4. Camping (or glamping)

Think: getting cozy around a fire, string lights in your tent, drinking your favorite beer and hot cocktails out of camping mugs, grilling dinner over a propane stove, and laying out under the stars all night long. For those of you that love camping and the outdoors but don’t feel like going on a long hike to elope, why not just skip the hike and go straight to the fun part!

There are plenty of reservable and dispersed camping sites around Colorado (be sure to check the regulations and permit rules surrounding eloping in whatever area you’re looking at – I can help you with this!). If you’re more into the idea of glamping, there are plenty of cute cabins and unique tent/hut set ups to explore as well (check out AirBnB and other similar apps for these).

For some glamping inspo, check out these cabins by Outside Design!

5. Explore the city

Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to venture out into the mountains. Denver, Golden, Colorado Springs, and Boulder all have fun, walkable downtown areas to explore with cool local bars and food spots. If you’re looking to travel a little farther out west, many of the ski towns (Breckenridge, Vail, Keystone, Winter Park) have a wonderful luxury small-town feel plus easy access to the mountains if you do want to do some exploring.

For a city elopement, we could go to your favorite food spot (or find an entirely new one!), check out all the cool little stores, and maybe even find an arcade bar to have some good ol’ competitive fun.

6. Think of fun at-home activities you both enjoy

One thing you’ll always hear me say is that your elopement can be whatever you want it to be, and it should be a reflection of your relationship and who you both are. If you’re a couple that loves to cook dinner together, work on puzzles, get create with arts & crafts, or play board games, let’s incorporate it into your day! If it feels right, take the time to slow down and experience those little joys together to start off your marriage.

7. Spend a summer day by a lake

One of my favorite parts of summer are lazy lake days – grilling, running around in shallow water, laying on the rocks by the shoreline, fishing, canoeing, and most importantly, relaxing! Dillon Reservoir in Summit County is one of my favorite spots for a lake day, with plenty of mountain passes and trails nearby to explore. You can say your vows at one of the reservable sites nearby (like Sapphire Point Overlook) or on one of the many stunning trails in the area, before spending the rest of your day relaxing and goofing off by the lake with your spouse!

Need some help planning your relaxing, no-hiking-necessary Colorado elopement?

I’m here to help! I have plenty of ideas to help you brainstorm your perfect day and the experience with the planning logistics to make it happen.

Some things I’ll help you with throughout the planning process:

  • Finding the perfect location
  • Recommending additional vendors in the area
  • Ideas for activities and experiences to fill your day
  • Putting together a timeline that includes everything important to you both

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