I’m all about telling stories, so here’s mine


Before I moved to Colorado in 2020 and started capturing love stories, my life was very different. I grew up in Kansas City, moved to St. Louis for college, and was set on pursuing a medical career. All throughout college I felt like something was missing, but I dismissed those feelings and assumed things would get better if I just stayed on the path I was on. After graduation, I realized how badly I needed to take some time off to breathe – I took the next year off to travel and figure out what I really wanted.

​I had been wanting to go on a road trip to Colorado since high school but could never find anyone to go with me, so I finally said f*ck it and went by myself! I spent my solo-trip hiking in the mountains, hanging out with chipmunks, and taking photos of everything I saw along the away. I fell completely in love with photography and the Colorado lifestyle. That’s when I knew I had to follow my passions and make my own path in life. 

​Since then, I moved to Denver, Colorado and found the thing that makes me happiest: photographing crazy-in-love couples. There’s nothing I love more than being your third-wheel and capturing all the beautiful moments you’ll want to look back on forever. This is my passion, and I’m so glad I get to do what I love and meet incredible couples like you. 

Why do i photograph elopements?

my little fam <3

If you ask, I will most definitely gush about them when we chat 🙂

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